Our story


‘Dharmendra in his shop with Ngakma Nor’dzin Pamo of the Nyingma Aro gTér Lineage.’ (2007 A.D.)


“There’s an interesting parallel with the Buddha,” says Dharmendra Baniya. Buddhism is a lifestyle centered in love, compassion and wisdom.

Having born in Lumbini, “The birth place of Lord Buddha” Dharma (Dharmendra) have been travelling the world from Nepal to Europe for almost 10 years, visiting different Buddhist centers to teach mala anatomy and other aspects of Buddhism. He has travelled with various Rinpoche’s and taught more than 1000 individuals of Europe regarding prayer beads and mala knots.

Even at the tender age of 9 he had a connection to this type of prayer practice and it turned out to be one of the few things in his upbringing that he ever felt connected to or comfortable with. He has been implementing “MALA KNOTS” for more than 20 years. During his early stages of school days, he liked things like knot spells where you would use knots on a string as markers for prayers and intentions. Later he expanded the scope of spiritual understanding, and soon started to take an interest in mala beads and Buddhist handicrafts.

Because of his long term involvement in fair trade, Dharma thought he could multiply his experience and in 2009 there became the birth of “Hello handicrafts” specializing in malas, guru beads and other Buddhist ritual objects.


Our expertise

With the long history of crafting and carving, all our handicrafts are the outcome of experienced Nepali craft workers coupled with more than 20 years of extensive experience and knowledge. With our in-depth understanding of the handicraft industry in Nepal and dedicated service we have touched the heart of the customers across Asia, America and Europe by offering handcrafted products that reflects the essence and mystery of Nepalese cultures and traditions.