Cats Eye Wisdom Mala

$ 45.00

About Cats Eye mala:

Cats eye chrysoberyl is a highly sought-after gem variety of the Chrysoberyl mineral family. It exhibits a strong cats eye effect with sheer detail, making the term Cat’s eye interchangeable for Chrysoberyl gemstone. This gemstone can surpass other cats eye stones in terms of color and clarity as well. Regarded as Ketu stone in vedic astrology, it can be worn to gain lost wealth, social reputation, self-control and spiritual awareness.

Healing Properties:

Cat’s eye stone is a gemstone offers numerous benefits and is known to protect the wearer from accidents, mishaps and evil schemes. It also offers protection from intoxication. It enhances senses and helps in stabilizing emotions. The Cat’s eye offers strength to face challenging situations. It also offers enhanced wisdom and intellect to the wearer and is popularly known to bring sudden materialistic bliss and comfort (wealth). So, if you want to enjoy the material bliss and attract money.

About mala:

Weight: 75 gm

Beads: 9 mm

Length: 46 cm




Our products are handmade with love and intention for wellness. Due to the handcrafed nature of the natural materials used in our products if slight variations occur in size and colors please regard it as characteristic of the product.


This is a great mala hand strung and made in our Hello Craft Nepal workshop in Boudhnath, Kathmandu, Nepal. We use a strong cord in different colors. If you need an specific color on your string, just inform us and we will be glad to make it.

When using malas and bracelets for meditation or when wearing as accessory, we request you to respect the heritage and history of Hindu and Buddhist traditions by following the practice of AHIMSA (non violence) and compassion to all sentient beings.


Why buy from Hello Craft Nepal?

Hello Handicraft supply the best quality items for success, self-empowerment, spiritual evolution and Buddhism at reasonable prices for the benefit of all.

All our items are selected and prepared after thorough research into the subject.

All items are sent along with usage instructions so that you derive maximum benefits.

We are the leading suppliers of best quality Bodhi beads from Nepal since 2009.

The enterprise supports grass root level skilled man power so that their financial status will be uplifted.

We are responsible to the artists and artisans. We want to make their profession reputable, and make their earning commensurate with any other occupation in Nepal.

We are responsible for our community. We are an active supporter of AAROH, a non-profit organization ( working for the education of children in need of Nepal.


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