Silver Lotus Counter

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The lotus is a beautiful symbol of hope and enlightenment. Known as “padma” in Sanskrit, the lotus takes root in mud and eventually rises through the muck to emerge in the sun, a journey that mirrors that of man’s soul. This listing is for Lotus mala counter, also called as Bum counters for mala.

To count 10,000 mantra recitations, we use the bum counter. After finish the first 10,000 mantra recitations, you put the bum counter after the first bead next to the guru bead. After finish the second 10,000 recitations, take off the bum counter and put it after the second bead…and continue like this. Also known as bum counters these mala cliffs are used for keeping track of hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of mantras.

About this counter:

Product code: MCLF02

Material : Silver




Our products are handmade with love and intention for wellness. Due to the handcrafted nature of the natural materials used in our products if slight variations occur in size and colors please regard it as characteristic of the product.


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Hello Handicraft supply the best quality items for success, self-empowerment, spiritual evolution and Buddhism at reasonable prices for the benefit of all.

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We are the leading suppliers of best quality Bodhi beads from Nepal since 2009.

The enterprise supports grass root level skilled man power so that their financial status will be uplifted.

We are responsible to the artists and artisans. We want to make their profession reputable, and make their earning commensurate with any other occupation in Nepal.

We are responsible for our community. We are an active supporter of AAROH, a non-profit organization ( working for the education of children in need of Nepal.


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